Life in Squares

Sunday, May 26 The movers finally arrived with our stuff! It's almost like we live in a real apartment now.

Wednesday, May 29 I never get tired of this view. I love when there's clouds as a backdrop, but the sun is hitting the bridge.

Sunday, Jun 2 Blackberry ice cream and a sunny afternoon in Jamison Square Park.

Tuesday, Jun 4 I take photos at Tanner Springs almost every day. It's been a really interesting experiment trying to find something new to shoot each time.


Portland in Squares

Thursday, May 9 The confirmation that we really are in Portland: a bike shop with an espresso stand inside.

Tuesday, May 14 We've been spending a lot of time sitting on our new orange couch. It's pretty much the only piece of furniture we've got at the moment.

Thursday, May 16 We've got a great view of the Freemont Bridge out the living room window. I can't decide whether it's better when the sun it out, or when I get to watch the big, dramatic clouds. It's pretty excellent either way.

Saturday, May 18 There's a really nice little park right near the apartment called Tanner Springs. The lotuses are just coming into bloom, and are amazing.